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Iris Oifigiúil (Irish pronunciation: [ˈirʲəʃ ˈefʲəɡʲuːlʲ]; Official Journal) is the official gazette of the Government of Ireland. It replaced The Dublin Gazette, the gazette of the Dublin Castle administration, on 31 January 1922.

Iris Oifigiúil is sometimes referred to as the Irish State Gazette in English and has been issued twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays since 1922. Prima facie evidence on notices of government business are published in the newspaper; these include orders, rules, and proclamations.

The paper is published as a hard copy by the Office of Public Works and is also now available online at its own web site,

The Belfast Gazette was established for the same purpose in the newly created Northern Ireland on 7 June 1921.

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