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Iveco Bus
Founded 1999
Headquarters Lyon, France
Products Buses, coaches
Owner CNH Industrial
Parent Iveco
Slogan dedicated to collective transport

Iveco Bus (formerly Irisbus) is an Italian bus manufacturer, with headquarters in Lyon, that belongs to the industrial group CNH Global through its subsidiary Iveco,[1] based in Turin (Italy). Iveco-bus is now only a brand division of IVECO,[2][3][4] a company incorporated under Italian law listen on Borsa Italiana means CNH Industrial.


Irisbuses previous logo.
Irisbus Citelis
Irisbus Agoraline with ABM CB60 body in Australia
Iribus Agora buses in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Irisbus Magelys at the Busworld 2007 exhibition in Kortrijk, Belgium
Iveco CityClass 18m in Seoul, South Korea
Las Vegas CAT Irisbus Civis

It was formed through the merger of the bus and coach divisions of Fiat Industrial, Iveco and Renault in January 1999 and Ikarus Bus in late 1999. Ikarus Bus was sold off in 2006 to Hungary's Műszertechnika group.

From 2003 to 2010, Irisbus has been 100%-owned by Fiat Group´s Iveco, and the company has been renamed Irisbus Iveco.[5] Now since 2013, Irisbus has been 100% owned by CNH Industrial's Iveco.

The company is based in Lyon, France with offices in Turin, Italy, Watford and Mainz. Every buses are developed in one of two R&D center (one in Italy and one in Swiss). The Engine which powers Irisbus Buses is developed in Italy by Fiat Powertrain Technologies, Turin, Italy.

Irisbus was expired and now the division is a branch of Iveco, rebranded as Iveco Bus in May 2013, after new reorganization plan.[6] All new buses include only the IVECO brand, like all the other vehicles in the group.


The factories are located in:

and more factory of engines or parts (most of these are plants of all IVECO which also produce components and engines for the bus)



  • Daily - minibus, from Iveco
  • Happy - minibus
  • Midway - midibus
  • Midys - midibus
  • Midirider
  • Euromidi
  • Europolis - midibus, from Iveco
  • Citybus
  • Citelis 12
  • Citelis 18 - articulated bus
  • Citelis Line - intercity bus
  • Recreo - line/school bus
  • Crossway - line/school bus
  • Arway - line
  • Evadys H - tour coach
  • Evadys HD - tour coach
  • Magelys - tour coach
  • Civis - trolleybus (for alternative urban transport)
  • Cristalis - trolleybus (for alternative urban transport)
  • Hynovis, hybrid bus.[7][8]
  • Scholabus 25 (School Bus) (UK)


  • EuroClass - from Iveco
  • Agora series - from Renault
    • Agora Line
  • Axer - line/school bus - from Karosa
  • Ares N - line/school bus
  • Ares N15 - line/school bus
  • Domino HD - tour coach, from Orlandi
  • Domino HDH - tour coach, from Orlandi
  • Iliade H - tour coach
  • Iliade HD - tour coach
  • Moowy - line
  • EuroRider - tour coach, from Iveco
  • CityClass 10.8 m/12 m, from Iveco
  • CityClass 18 m - articulated bus, from Iveco


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