Irisbus Crossway

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Irisbus Crossway
Metz TCRM Keolis 3 Frontières Irisbus Crossway n°123047 Proxis 112 Laquenexy (3).JPG
Irisbus Crossway in France
Manufacturer Irisbus
Body and chassis
Doors 3, 2
Engine Iveco

29 sitting

66 standing
Power output

260 hp

300 hp
Length 10790 mm
Width 2550 mm
Curb weight 17000 kg

Irisbus Crossway is an urban and intercity bus produced by Irisbus-Iveco since 2006.

Construction features[edit]

Body is semi-self-supporting with frame and engine with manual gearbox placed to the rear ('pusher bus'). Only rear axle is powered. All axles use air suspension. On the right side are two doors. Interior seating is cloth. The drivers cab is integral with the rest of the vehicle.

Production and operation[edit]

In 2006 the Crossway was put into serial production. In 2013 a modernised version was introduced, with a Euro VI engine and a refreshed appearance.

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