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The Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies (IFAS) is an umbrella group comprising most of the National and Regional Astronomical Societies on the Island of Ireland.


IFAS was formed in October 1999 to provide an umbrella organisation for mutual benefit and co-operation for almost all Irish astronomical clubs and societies on the Island of Ireland, north and south.

Since its inception it has formed an on-line community for astronomers though its website >

Currently (July 2014) there are over 2,200 registered users from around the world taking part in over 12,000 different topics of astronomical interest. A monthly, sponsored astrophotography competition allows for people to pursue an added interest and better their skills, and perhaps win a prize.


The federation council is made up of 2 members from each club/society, regardless of the size of the society. Out of the council, a Chairman, vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are elected annually.

The IFAS Constitution details the running of IFAS.


Member clubs[edit]

According to the IFAS constitution, membership is open to any astronomical clubs or societies on the island of Ireland "which are governed by a democratically elected council or committee".[1]

The current members are:

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