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The Irish Hills is an area of land located roughly in southeastern Jackson County and northwest Lenawee County in Southeast Michigan. Its name comes from the Irish immigrants who settled there from 1830 until 1850. It is renowned throughout the state for its beautiful scenery, especially in the summer, with its many rolling hills and larger kettle lakes surrounding the 654-acre (2.65 km2) Hayes State Park. It is also known for its chain of smaller kettle lakes along US Highway 12 (US 12, Michigan Avenue) that link to Cambridge Junction Historic State Park which adjoins the Michigan International Speedway.[1]

Twin towers in the Irish Hills

The Irish Hills has a number of resorts including Evans Lake Resort. Real Estate marketers regard the Irish Hills as a resort area.[2][3][4] Regarding tourism, the Irish Hills offers a modest amount of "tourist trapping," with its scenery, state parks, and lakes as significant attractions. It had several family-oriented locations, including an old west theme park known as Stagecoach Stop USA and a mock dinosaur exhibit named Prehistoric Forest.[5] Both of which are now closed. In 2013 Stagecoach Stop was reopened as a resort, and is now called Stagecoach Stop Western Resort As of 2015, Mystery Hill,[6] which is a gravity hill, is still in operation. Attempts are being made to save the observation towers known as the Irish Hills Towers. The Irish Hills is known for several family-owned restaurants and bars that offer a variety of different food. There are several places to lodge, mostly on lakefront areas. The Michigan International Speedway hosts NASCAR races with about 300,000 fans a year during the racing season of June and August, and the Faster Horses Festival in July visiting the Irish Hills.

Some towns in the Irish Hills include Brooklyn, Napoleon, Norvell and Onsted.

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