Irish presidential election, 1938

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Irish presidential election, 1938

25 June 1938
1945 →
  Douglas Hyde - Project Gutenberg eText 19028.jpg
Nominee Douglas Hyde
Party Independent
Popular vote N/A
Percentage N/A

President before election

New office

Elected President

Douglas Hyde

The Irish presidential election of 1938 was the first Irish presidential election, held to fill the new office of President of Ireland.

After negotiations between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, a Fine Gael suggestion for the post endorsed by Fianna Fáil, former independent Senator and founder of the Gaelic League, Douglas Hyde was nominated. Attempts by longtime Lord Mayor of Dublin Alfie Byrne to get a nomination failed (a candidate must be nominated by 20 members of the Oireachtas or by four local authorities). Hyde was therefore declared elected without the need for a poll.[1]

He was inaugurated as the first President of Ireland on 25 June 1938.


Irish presidential election, 1938
Party Candidate 1st Pref % Seat Count
Independent Douglas Hyde Unopposed


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