Irish presidential election, 1945

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Irish presidential election, 1945
Republic of Ireland
← 1938 14 June 1945 1952 →
Turnout 63.0%
  O Ceallaigh.jpg Sean MacEoin.jpg No image.png
Nominee Seán T. O'Kelly Seán Mac Eoin Patrick McCartan
Party Fianna Fáil Fine Gael Independent
1st preference 537,965 (49.5%) 335,539 (30.9%) 212,834 (19.6%)
Final count 565,165 (55.5%) 453,425 (44.5%) Eliminated

President before election

Douglas Hyde

Elected President

Seán T. O'Kelly
Fianna Fáil

The Irish presidential election of 1945 was held on 14 June 1945. It was Ireland's first contested presidential election. With the decision of the outgoing president Douglas Hyde not to seek a second term, Fianna Fáil decided to nominate its deputy leader, the Tánaiste Seán T. O'Kelly as its candidate. Independent republican Patrick McCartan sought and failed to receive the necessary four nominations from local councils. Expecting that McCartan would fail, the main opposition Fine Gael party decided at the last moment to run a candidate, choosing Seán Mac Eoin. However McCartan finally managed to get a nomination from twenty members of the Oireachtas, producing an unexpected three candidate race.

In the election, O'Kelly as expected won on the second count. However the degree of voting transfers between the two opposition candidates, and O'Kelly's failure to win on the first count, showed the depth of growing opposition to Éamon de Valera's government and the potential that existed for cooperation among various opposition groups. De Valera's government was defeated in the subsequent 1948 general election and replaced by an Inter-Party government from the opposition. In some ways, the First Inter-Party Government born in 1948 was conceived due to the results of the 1945 presidential election.


Irish presidential election, 1945[1]
Party Candidate  % 1st Pref Count 1 Count 2
Fianna Fáil Seán T. O'Kelly 49.5 537,965 565,165
Fine Gael Seán Mac Eoin 30.9 335,539 453,425
Independent Patrick McCartan 19.6 212,834  
Electorate: 1,803,463   Valid: 1,086,338   Spoilt: 50,287 (4.4%)   Quota: 543,170   Turnout: 63.0%
First preference vote
Mac Eoin
Final percentage
Mac Eoin

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