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Irish wine production takes place in a small number of vineyards and wine producers the majority of which lie in County Cork, Ireland, with Lusk, North County Dublin, also producing a wine named 'Lusca'.[1] Ireland is officially listed as a wine producing country by the European Commission,[2] and Blackwater Valley Vineyard (Mallow), Longueville House[3] (Mallow), West Waterford Vineyard (Cappoquin, Co. Waterford) and Thomas Walk Vineyard (Kinsale)[4] all produce wine despite being well north of the area where the Vitis vinifera commonly occurs.


While vineyards and wine has been produced in recent decades in Ireland, there are records of previous attempts to cultivate the vine for wine production, such as in the 5th century monks at the Cistercian monastery in Co. Kilkenny planted a vineyard[5] with a number of other monastic communities following and also producing wine.


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