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JSC Yakovlev Corporation
Native name
AК Корпорация «Яковлев»
Company typeSubsidiary, Joint Stock Company
IndustryAerospace and Defense
Founded28 March 1932; 92 years ago (28 March 1932)
Fatemerged into United Aircraft Corporation
Key people
Andrey Boginsky, General Director
Productssee products
Components for the Airbus A320 family aircraft
Revenue$1.45 billion[1] (2017)
$132 million[1] (2017)
$51.9 million[1] (2017)
Total assets$2.83 billion[1] (2017)
Total equity$408 million[1] (2017)
Number of employees
Over 14,000
ParentUnited Aircraft Corporation
SubsidiariesYakovlev Design Bureau
Irkutsk Aviation Plant
Regional Aircraft

The JSC Yakovlev Corporation (MCXIRKT) (Russian: Яковлев) is a Russian aircraft manufacturer, headquartered in the Aeroport District, Northern Administrative Okrug, Moscow,[2] It is the manufacturer of the Sukhoi Su-30 family of interceptor/ground-attack aircraft. The company was founded in 1932 in the Transbaykal region of the Soviet Union as the Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAP).[3] It was formerly known as Irkut Corporation.[4]

United Aircraft Corporation was formed in 2006 from the merger of Mikoyan, Ilyushin, Sukhoi, Tupolev, and Yakovlev.[5]


Soviet era (1932–1993)[edit]

On 28 March 1932, the Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAP) was established under order No. 181 by the Main Directorate of the USSR People's Commissariat for Heavy Industry. On 18 August 1934, the form marking the completion of construction manufacturing plant for the new bureau was signed. The first aircraft manufactured by the IAP was the Tupolev I-14, which had its flight on 16 February 1935. The IAP later started mass production of the Tupolev SB Bomber in the spring of 1936. In July 1941, the IAP started delivery of Petlyakov Pe-2 dive bombers. From 1942, the IAP started mass production of two long-range bomber aircraft: Ilyushin Il-4 and Yermolayev Yer-2 until 1945, probably for the Soviet Air Forces for World War II. From 1946, the IAP started production of the Tupolev Tu-2 tactical bomber until 1949. From 1950, the IAP started mass production of two bomber aircraft, the Tupolev Tu-14 and the Ilyushin Il-28 until 1956. In 1957, the IAP renovated itself and started production of the Antonov An-12 military transport aircraft. From 1960, the IAP started mass production of the supersonic bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, the Yakovlev Yak-28 until 1972. From 1967, the IAP started mass production of the Antonov An-24 military transport aircraft until 1971. From 1970, the IAP started mass production of the fighter-bombers, the Mikoyan MiG-23UB and the Mikoyan MiG-27 until 1986. In 1982, IAP specialists started organization of Mikoyan MiG-27 licensed production in India. The Sukhoi Su-27UB, produced by the IAP as a two-seat operational conversion trainer, had its maiden flight on 10 September 1986. The first Sukhoi Su-30 developed by the aviation plant had its first flight on 14 April 1992.[6]

Contemporary era (1993–present)[edit]

On 30 December 1996, a contract was signed between the IAP and the Indian Air Force (IAF) for the delivery of the Sukhoi Su-30MKI to the IAF. The first Beriev Be-200, an amphibious aircraft, developed by the IAP, had its first flight on 24 September 1998. On 27 December 2002, the Irkutsk Aviation Production Association renamed themselves as the Irkut Corporation. The Irkut Corporation became the first Russian defence firm to carry out an initial public offering in March 2004. It traded 23.3% of the corporation's shares in the stock market. In the same year, the Irkut Corporation had integrated the Yakovlev Design Bureau into its corporate structure, making it a subsidiary. In 20 December[when?] the company0 signed a contract with Airbus to produce components for the Airbus A320 family aircraft. In 2006, the Russian government merged Irkut with Ilyushin, Mikoyan, Sukhoi, Tupolev and Yakovlev as a new company called United Aircraft Corporation.[5]

The company has also entered into a joint venture with Indian military aircraft manufacturer HAL to manufacture the UAC/HAL Il-214, which will be designed by Ilyushin.[7] In July 2007, the company was selected as a head contractor for MC-21 short/mid range airliner program. The MC-21 would be the first aircraft the Irkut Corporation had designed. Production of the aircraft would start in 2014.

Integration of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft into the Irkut Corporation[edit]

At the end of November 2018, United Aircraft Corporation transferred SCAC from Sukhoi to the Irkut Corporation, to become UAC's airliner division, as Leonardo S.p.A. pulled out in early 2017 because of Superjet's poor financial performance.

The company manages the Superjet 100, the MC-21 and the Russo-Chinese CR929 widebody, but the Il-114 passenger turboprop and modernized Ilyushin Il-96-400 widebody stay with Ilyushin.

The new commercial division will also include the Yakovlev Design Bureau, avionics specialist UAC—Integration Center and composite manufacturer AeroComposit.[8]

Rebranding as Yakovlev[edit]

In August 2023, Irkut rebranded itself as Yakovlev. The Sukhoi Superjet 100 was redesignated as the SJ-100, and the Irkut MC-21 also adopted the Yakovlev name.[4]


In June 2022, the company was designated by the United States pursuant to Executive Order 14024 for operating or having operated in the defence and related materiel sector and the aerospace sector of the Russian Federation economy. Irkut has also been sanctioned by Canada, New Zealand, and Switzerland.[9]

In January 2023, Japan imposed sanctions on the company.[10]


Su-30MKM produced by Irkut

Manufactured products[edit]

Products manufactured by the company are:[11]

Aircraft Type Description Designer Maiden Flight Introduction Production Starts Production Ends
Tupolev I-14 fighter aircraft Tupolev 27 May 1933 1935 1935 1935
Tupolev SB medium bomber Tupolev 7 October 1934 1936 Spring of 1936 1941
Petlyakov Pe-2 dive bomber Petlyakov 22 December 1939 1941 1939 1954
Ilyushin Il-4 torpedo bomber Ilyushin Aviation Complex 31 March 1936 1942 1942 1945
Yermolayev Yer-2 medium bomber Yermolayev OKB 14 May 1940 1941 1942 1945
Tupolev Tu-2 tactical bomber Tupolev 1946 1949
Tupolev Tu-14 Tupolev 1950 1956
Ilyushin Il-28 Ilyushin Aviation Complex 1950 1956
Antonov An-12 Antonov 1957 1973
Antonov An-24 Antonov 1967 1971
Mikoyan MiG-23UB Mikoyan 1970 1986
Mikoyan MiG-27 Mikoyan 1970 1986
Sukhoi Su-27UB Sukhoi Design Bureau 10 September 1986 1986 1986
Sukhoi Su-30 multirole fighter twinjet, twin-seat Sukhoi Design Bureau 31 December 1989 1996 1992
Sukhoi Su-30SM multirole fighter twinjet, twin-seat Sukhoi Design Bureau 1993 1993 1993
Beriev Be-200 Beriev
Sukhoi Su-30MK multirole fighter twinjet, twin-seat Sukhoi Design Bureau 21 September 2012 2016 2012

Designed products[edit]

These products are designed by the Irkut Corporation and its branches.[11]

Aircraft Type Description Designer Maiden Flight Introduction
Yakovlev Yak-28 Yakovlev Design Bureau
Yakovlev Yak-130 advanced trainer, light fighter twinjet, twin-seat Yakovlev Design Bureau 25 April 1996 19 February 2010
Yakovlev Yak-152 trainer aircraft single-seat Yakovlev Design Bureau 29 September 2016 Planned for 2017
Irkut MC-21 Jet airliner narrow-body, twinjet Irkut Corporation, Yakovlev Design Bureau 28 May 2017 delayed to 2025

Products of Regional Aircraft[edit]


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