Irmãos Coragem

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For the original 1970 version, see Irmãos Coragem (1970 telenovela).

Irmãos Coragem(Brothers Courage) is a Brazilian soap opera produced and shown since 2 January 1º of July 1995 to the 18 hours in 155 chapters. Adaptation of Dias Gomes and Marcílio Moraes, with the contribution of Ferreira Gullar and Lilian Garcia, direction of Luiz Fernando Carvalho, substituted for Reynaldo Boury and Carlos Araújo (from chapter 80) and artistic direction of Pablo Ubiratan. Remake of the original novel of Janete Clair shown in 1970 to 20h.


The fight for the freedom and against the oppression is the axis of this folhetim that narrates the history of the brothers Courage - João, Jerônimo and Duda. In the fictitious city of Coronado, João finds an enormous diamond. For cause of this, the three brothers come to be pursued by the powerful colonel Peter Barros, owner of almost all the garimpos of the region. João and the colonel's daughter, Lara, live an intense passion. The young woman has multiple personality: shy and demure Lara alternates with sexy Diana and Márcia, a balanced woman. This ends confusing João, who feels attracted by the three. The hatred of Peter Barros for the brothers grows when he discovers the relation between his daughter and João, who decides to catch in weapons in the fight against the colonel's authority . Jerônimo, for his part, finds in a political movement of opposition a way to end aos disobediences of Peter Barros. Although he lives a forbidden love with his foster sister, the Indian Potira, he gets engaged to Lydia Siqueira, daughter of one local politician. In the second version, the destination of Jerônimo and Potira were modified. Instead of dying in a shoot out, as in the first version, them they obtain to run away when jumping in a river. As they estam wounded, they are given as died. But their bodies are not found, and Sinhana says to have dreamed of the couple in a sail-boat in high-sea, leaving public opening to interpret it that they can have survived. The third brother, Duda, leaves the city of Coronado to make fame as football player in the great city. Later, in return the city reencontra with Ritinha, that always was gotten passionate by the young, is acambam for if to involve, the tension between them grows when the engravida young woman and the parents of the young compel it to marry it the young. In return city great e the fast ascension of craque takes it if to bind to the exuberant Paula and to leave stop backwards its true love.