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Gender Female
Word/name Germanic
Other names
Related names Irmeli, Irmelin, Irmin

Irma is a female given name.[1]

It is also used in combination with other names in the abbreviated form "Irm-," for example, Irmine, Irmela, Irmgard, Irmgardis, Irmentraud. The name comes from the Old High German irmin, meaning world. The anglicised form is Emma.[citation needed]. The Georgian given name "Irma" is coming from Georgian word "iremi" - deer.

The name days for Irma are February 19 (Germany), March 31 (Finland), April 7 (Sweden), May 3 (Hungary), September 10 (Czech Republic), September 18 (Poland), October 13 (Latvia), October 25 (USA), and November 14 (Slovakia).


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