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Irma Kurtz (born 1935) is an American-born UK-based agony aunt, who has worked in that capacity for Cosmopolitan magazine for over 45 years.[1][2][3]

Early life[edit]

Kurtz was born in New Jersey in 1935,[1] and grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey.[4] Her father was a dentist.[4] She has a bachelor's degree in English literature from Columbia University.[1]



After university, Kurtz worked as a journalist, travelling in Europe and living in Paris, before settling in London.[4] Kurtz worked for Nova magazine from its beginning in 1965, and joined Cosmopolitan in 1972.[3][4]

Kurtz has written three self-help books, two novels and three travel books.[3]


Kurtz was the writer and presenter of Mediterranean Tales, a ten-part series for BBC4.[4]


  • Grand Dragon (1981)
  • Loneliness (1983)
  • Beds of nails and roses (1983)
  • The Great American Bus Ride (1993)
  • Dear London (1998)

Personal life[edit]

She has a son, Marc, a television director, who is married with four children.[5]


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