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Iroijlaplap (female: leroij) is the title given to the paramount chiefs in the Marshall Islands. An ordinary chief holds the title of iroij (female: leroij); -ļapļap is a superlative suffix.

Article III of the Constitution of the Marshall Islands recognises the title, and establishes a Council of Iroij, composed of holders of the title of Iroijlaplap, or other analogous traditional titles, chosen from holders of the chieftainship among the several constituent islands. The Council is empowered to "consider any matter of concern to the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and it may express its opinion thereon to the Cabinet". The Council is also entitled to formally request the reconsideration of any bill in the Nitijela (the legislature of the Marshall Islands), that affects customary law, traditional practices, or land tenure. [1]

There are currently four iroijlaplap, two of whom have previously served as the country's president: