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Private Company
Founded 2011
Founder Tomer Bar-Zeev, Gil Shoham, Omer Kaplan, Arnon Harish, Tamir Camri, Itay Milrad, Eyal Milrad, Roi Milrad, Nethanel Shadmi
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel
Number of locations
Key people
Tomer Bar-Zeev (CEO, majority shareholder)[1]
Number of employees

ironSource is a digital content company backed by Carmel Ventures, a Viola Group affiliate. ironSource offers monetization and distribution solutions for app developers, software developers, mobile carriers, and device manufacturers. ironSource is currently valued at more than $1 billion ($105 million in received funding).[2]

Among others, ironSource was chosen as one of the '20 hottest startups' in 2013 and was listed in the Wall Street Journal "Billion Dollar Startup Club".[3][4] In September 2015, ironSource was named by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a Global Growth Company.[5] ironSource has also been named one of the hottest pre-IPO tech companies by Business Insider, and one of Israel's most innovative companies by Fast Company.[6][7]


Founded in 2009 in Tel Aviv, ironSource provides platforms and tools for application developers including analytics, user monetization, conversion, acquisition and optimization for all devices.[8]

In the first quarter of 2013, ironSource acquired Israeli advertising technology and network company AfterDownload Ltd. for $28 million to expand its integrated distribution, installation and value-building tools for software developers, publishers and advertisers.[9] The company also utilizes the C.A.S.T. native platform, kudosKit[10] appreciation platform, which brings mobile application developers distribution and engagement services.[11]

In August 2013, ironSource announced merger talks with fellow Israeli company Babylon,[12][13] but the deal was called off after Babylon lost high-value contracts with Google and Yahoo due to click fraud.[14][15]

ironSource opened US offices in San Francisco in August 2013 [16] and opened an office in Beijing, China in May 2014.[17] ironSource established a UK presence in April 2015.[18]

ironSource raised approximately $85M from a group of international investors[19] and acquired the mobile game studio Upopa in the fall of 2014.[20]

In September 2015, ironSource merged SuperSonic into its mobile operation for a price estimated to be $200 million. The new organization, which re-branded itself as ironSource, has over 700 employees with half dedicated to R&D.[21][22][23][24]

In May 2016, ironSource announced the launch of their suite of big data solutions - Atom, debuting with Data Flow Management, a robust data infrastructure solution allowing data-driven businesses to securely transfer billions of daily events to storage in the cloud in near real time.[25]

In July 2016, ironSource announced the acquisition of Sequoia-backed video technology company StreamRail. The 15 person StreamRail team joined ironSource’s Advertiser Solution division, where their proprietary technology for video delivery and monetization will work to enhance ironSource’s existing video advertising platform for brands - ironSource Neon.[26]


ironSource Aura is a smart content recommendation platform enables OEMs and mobile carriers to monetize their devices. The company has already secured deals with over 30 device manufacturers and tier-one carriers around the world, including the likes of HTC and ASUS. Aura is expected to appear on more than 100 million devices worldwide — smartphones that use either Android and Windows can use Aura.[27][28]

ironSource's Ad Mediation platform is an app monetization solution that lets app developers access, optimize, and manage multiple ad networks with a single SDK integration. ironSource's SSP (supply-side platform) has several network partners including InMobi, Applovin, AdMob, AdColony, Chartboost, and others.[29]

ironSource’s Campaign Manager is a user acquisition solution that lets advertisers create and manage app advertising campaigns. ironSource’s attribution partners include TUNE, Kochava, AppsFlyer, AdX, and adjust.[30][31]

ironSource also has a 20 person in-house creative studio that builds and designs ads for advertisers.[32]


In September 2014, ironSource acquired gaming company Upopa.[33][34] Upopa has launched 10 highly successful mobile games on the App Store and Google Play, including the Hopeless series,[35] Mutation Mash,[36] Sugar Slide,[37] and Ruby Run.[38] “With each successive mobile game the team releases, we gain an even better understanding of what app developers need in order to turn their great products into scalable businesses,” said Tomer Bar Zeev, CEO and Co-Founder of ironSource.


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