Iron Monkey (band)

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Iron Monkey
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Background information
Origin Nottingham, England
Genres Sludge metal, Progressive metal, Crust punk
Years active 1994–1999
Labels Earache Records
Union Mill
Associated acts Armour of God
Past members Justin Greaves
Johnny Morrow
Jim Rushby
Steve Watson
Doug Dalziel
Dean Berry
Stu O'Hara

Iron Monkey is a sludge metal band that formed in Nottingham, England in 1994. The original members were Justin Greaves (drums, ex-Bradworthy), Johnny Morrow (vocals), Jim Rushby (guitar, ex-Ironside, Wartorn), Steve Watson (guitar, ex-Cerebral Fix) and Doug Dalziel (bass, ex-Ironside). The group's sound was influenced by the doom metal and sludge metal genres and in particular by bands such as Grief, Black Sabbath and Eyehategod.

The group wrote a six song album that was released originally on the small imprint Union Mill before being put out by Nottingham label Earache Records. Before the deal was made however guitarist Steve Watson was fired and replaced by Dean Berry. The band's second album Our Problem was released to high acclaim.[1] The next release was a split CD with Japanese doom metal band Church of Misery that was put out by Man's Ruin Records. In 1999 the band played the Dynamo Festival in the Netherlands and shortly after Jim Rushby left the band and was replaced by ex-Acrimony guitarist Stu O'Hara. However, due to a variety of personal and industry problems the band split in September 1999.

Justin, Jim and Johnny went on to form the short-lived Armour of God while Dean, Doug and Stu formed Dukes of Nothing. Steve has played in Cerebral Fix, Drown, Helvis and Raven's Creed. Johnny then formed My War and Murder One before suffering a fatal heart attack in the summer of 2002. Justin has since played in Borknagar, Silver Ginger Five, Hard To Swallow, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, Electric Wizard and now plays in Crippled Black Phoenix. Dean played in Capricorns, while Stu went on to play in Black Eye Riot. He's now[when?] playing with Acrimony members in Sigiriya, a stoner rock band. Jim played in Hard To Swallow, Armour of God, Phantom Limb Management and Geriatric Unit.

Iron Monkey reformed in January 2017.


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