Iron Savior (album)

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Iron Savior
Iron Savior - Iron Savior.jpg
Studio album by Iron Savior
Released June 30, 1997
Recorded October 1996 – February 1997 at Powerhouse Studio and Hansen Studio
Genre Power metal, heavy metal
Length 52:43
Label Noise
Producer Piet Sielck
Iron Savior chronology
Iron Savior
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[1]

Iron Savior is the debut studio album by the German power metal band Iron Savior. It was released in 1997 on Noise Records.


Taken from the liner notes in the CD release.


The Iron Savior is a gigantic vessel in the orbit of the planet earth. It is controlled by an immortal human brain - the bio-unit - which is hooked to a weighty computer system that carries out its orders and controls the vessel's daily routine. The Iron Savior was built and designed by the ancient civilization of Atlantis to defend themselves against the deadly threat of the so called Alliance. Except the lost continent of Atlantis, all land was controlled and dominated by this global force. In these parts of the world the moral evolution took a different path. Gaining ultimate power was their only focus. Ruled by pure egoism, where killing and betraying were legal methods to achieve well fare, this civilization never developed a social spirit. To care and provide for themselves as well as possible was their only existing law. For millennia, the balance of power between Atlantis and the Alliance made war useless since the Atlantian weapon technology was more developed. But suddenly this balance was about to change and an Alliance attack on Atlantis seemed to become possible. In this situation, Atlantis developed a global defense project based on a huge vessel in earth orbit, the Iron Savior. Equipped with the latest technology and enormous fire power, this project was supposed to regain the old balance of power again.

But then the dream of a peaceful coexistence was broken. A traitor sold the secret codes to the Alliance. With these codes the Alliance managed to paralyze the Savior's bio-unit and to take control over the computer. In a devastating assault, the defender turned into a dreadful assailant and the moon colony of Atlantis was turned to dust. But the war was not lost yet. A brave landing team managed to board the Iron Savior and regain control. In a race against time they sent the vessel out into space to make a second misuse of the Alliance impossible. They programmed a course that should bring the Savior back to the solar system 350,000 years later in the hope that the conflict will be resolved and earth would be united.

Before they died out in cold, a prime directive for all actions was programmed into the computer systems in case the Alliance would still exist: Protect Atlantis and conquer the Alliance. This directive could only be deactivated by the proper Atlantian security code sequences. But it was already to late to stop the war. In grim and rage, the Alliance pushed their buttons and in a final atomic strike, Atlantis was destroyed completely and was lost in the seas forever. But the rest of the world was also effected by this catastrophe. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, atomic fallout, and dramatic changes in climate turned earth into a living hell. Those who survived, slowly, from generation generation, degenerated more and more. Finally, evolution was thrown back into the stone age where the dawning of another mankind began...

Now in the year 2108 the Iron Savior returns to earth and is confronted with a scenario where the civilization of Atlantis no longer exists. All attempts to contact possible survivors failed. The bio-unit is still paralyzed and unable to make decisions. So the computer, still in charge, draws the fatal conclusion that Atlantis was destroyed by the Alliance who still exists and rules the planet. With the logic of a lifeless machine, the Iron Savior out its prime directive: Protect Atlantis and Conquer the Alliance

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Piet Sielck, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. "The Arrival" 1:08
2. "Atlantis Falling" 4:34
3. "Brave New World" 4:32
4. "Iron Savior" 4:26
5. "Riding on Fire" 4:54
6. "Break It Up" 5:01
7. "Assailant" 4:18
8. "Children of the Wasteland" 4:48
9. "Protect the Law" 4:16
10. "Watcher in the Sky" (written by Piet Sielck and Kai Hansen) 5:21
11. "For the World" 5:24
12. "This Flight Tonight" (Nazareth cover; written by Joni Mitchell) 3:56


Iron Savior
Additional musicians
  • Rüdiger Beissert – assistant engineer
  • Rainer Drechsler – photos
  • Henny – cover artwork and logo design
  • Kai and Uwe Karczewski – original logo design


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