Iron sucrose

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Iron sucrose
Iron sucrose IV drip.jpg
Clinical data
Trade namesVenofer
AHFS/Drugs.comFDA Professional Drug Information
  • US: B (No risk in non-human studies)
Routes of
ATC code
Legal status
Legal status
Chemical and physical data
Formula[Na2Fe5O8(OH) •3(H2O)]n •m(C12H22O11)
Molar mass34,000 to 60,000 g/mol

Iron sucrose (brand name Venofer) is an intravenously administered iron product indicated in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.[1] It is frequently used in patients undergoing hemodialysis, those undergoing erythropoietin therapy, and/or patients who have chronic kidney disease. It is a type 2 complex which limits the maximum dose that can be given to 1000mg which requires 5-10 administrations. Unlike previous generations of IV iron supplements, this drug does not contain dextran.

The drug consists of ferric hydroxide solubilized in aqueous sucrose. Upon IV administration, the iron is distributed to ferritin, the normal iron storage protein.[2]


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