Ironclaw Online

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Ironclaw Online
Developer(s) Skotos and volunteer game staff
Publisher(s) Skotos
Engine SkotOS
Platform(s) Web browser
Release date(s) Alpha: January 2, 2006
Beta: January 2, 2007
Genre(s) MUSH roleplaying game
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Ironclaw Online (often abbreviated as "IC" or "ICO") is an online multiplayer storytelling anthropomorphic fantasy produced by Skotos. The game is based in late medieval times and is largely political. It concentrates on the power of guilds, the overthrow of the current government and crafting skills. The environment also supports advanced trading and combat systems.

The game is played using a standard web browser such as Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. It has often been likened to a MUSH environment, but includes graphical elements beyond most text-only MUSHes. First introduced in alpha on January 2, 2006, and again in Beta on January 2, 2007, it has consistently been expanded by the player-run game staff.

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