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Ironi Ramat Gan (Hebrew: עירוני רמת גן‎) is a basketball club based in Ramat Gan in central Israel. The team plays in Liga Leumit, the Second division in Israeli basketball. The club was formed by a merger of Beitar Ramat Gan and Maccabi Ramat Gan. It plays at the Shalom Zisman Municipal sports Arena, which has a seating capacity for 1,400.

In 2009/10 the team dropped down to league two ("Liga Leumit") after losing the relegation playoff in the "Super League".

Current roster[edit]

# Pos. Player Height
Israel 4 PG Igor Mayor 185cm
Israel 5 PG Dori Asaf 178cm
Israel 6 PF Yoval Gorfine 203cm
Israel 7 SF Tom Habkin 198cm
Israel 8 SG Bar Hajbi 185cm
Israel 9 SG Yoav Arbiv 190cm
# Pos. Player Height
Israel 10 SG Itay Greenboim 193cm
Israel 12 PG Gal Orlovitz 177cm
United States 13 G/F Tyrone Kent 196cm
Israel 14 C Amit Tamir 208cm
United States 15 PF Keith Ramsey 196cm
Israel 21 PF Vladimir Yermishin 200cm

Head Coach:



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