Ironwood (comics)

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Cover of Ironwood #5.
Publication information
Publisher Eros Comix
Schedule Bimonthly
Publication date January 1991 - September 1995
Number of issues 11
Main character(s) Dirk Dragovon
Pandora Breedlswight
Creative team
Writer(s) Bill Willingham
Artist(s) Bill Willingham

Ironwood is a pornographic comic book series written and drawn by Bill Willingham in the 1990s, published in the United States by Eros Comix. It ran for 11 issues; the first six issues being published in 1991, the remaining five taking another four years to produce/publish. The series was collected into two trade paperbacks; volume 1 was published in 1993 (ISBN 1560972041), and volume 2 was published in 1996 (ISBN 156097222X).

Plot summary[edit]

Ironwood follows the adventures of Dave Dragavon, a juvenile dragon existing only in human form (not yet having matured enough to take full dragon form) who is hired by the beautiful Pandora Breedlswight to find the wizard Gnaric in order to free her from a curse.

The comics are a mixture of sword and sorcery, sexual situations and adult humor.