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Ironwood High School
It's Just Better Here!
6051 West Sweetwater Avenue, Glendale, Arizona, United States of America 85304
Type Public Secondary
Established 1986
Principal Vance Setka
Faculty 112
Enrollment 1,996 students (October 1, 2012)[1]
Color(s)           Red and Grey
Mascot Eagles
AIA Class 5A Conference

Ironwood High School is a public secondary school located in Glendale, Arizona, United States, part of the Peoria Unified School District. The school opened its doors in August 1986 with its first graduating class in 1989. Since 2004, it has offered the IB Diploma Programme to its junior and senior year students, with a Pre-IB program for its freshman and sophomore-year students. It is the district's third-largest high school by enrollment.


Ironwood's student body, as of January 2011,[2] was:

out of 1988 students.


IB Program[edit]

In 2004, Ironwood High School began to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to junior and senior students that attend the high school. Since 2004, Ironwood has graduated over 100 full diploma members. Ironwood offers the standard five areas of English, History, Science (Physics and Biology), Foreign Language (French and Spanish), and Math, as well as numerous six area courses. The six area courses offered includes: Art, Computer Science, Economics, Music, Photo, Physics, and Theatre. The school also offers a two-year AIM program sponsored by the district in order to prepare pre-IB students. Ironwood offers the IB/AIM Club as a way to support the IB and Pre-IB students.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program[edit]

Ironwood offers numerous Advanced Placement courses. These courses include higher level computer science, history, math, and science. However, since Ironwood took on the IB program in 2004, the number of AP classes has declined compared to other schools in the Peoria Unified School District due to the popularity of the IB classes.



There are five choir groups at Ironwood

  • Excelsis (formerly Chamber Singers)
  • Ironmen (formerly Men of Iron[wood])
  • Ea-gals (formerly Girls' Ensemble)
  • Mixed Choir
  • Concert Choir


  • Beginning Dance
  • Advanced Dance
  • Performance Dance
  • Dance Club


Ironwood is home to three different bands:

  • Marching Band - "Ironwood Marching Eagles"
  • Jazz Band
  • Concert Band

Ironwood Marching Eagles[edit]

The "Ironwood Marching Eagles" is a distinguished group that plays at pep assemblies, football games, parades, and festivals. The Eagles participate in all games, both home and away, and play a half-time performance when at home and a pre-game performance when away. They typically compete in two to three festivals per year. They have competed in multiple matching band state festivals including most recently the 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 festivals. The Ironwood Marching Eagles' season starts in July with band camp held on campus and the season extends into early November.


Drama is responsible for sponsoring the fall play, spring musical and the annual talent show. The students participate in back stage activities to run each production as well performing in the shows. The club also provides social activities for students involved in the fall play and spring musical.


Clubs and activities[edit]

The following is a list of clubs offered at Ironwood High school as of the Fall of 2011. Ironwood also formerly offered Hockey and Bowling as clubs. [3][better source needed][4][better source needed][5][better source needed]

Feeder schools[edit]

All of the following are K-8 Schools that feed into Ironwood:

Notable alumni[edit]


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