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Iroquois is a neighborhood on the south side of Louisville, Kentucky, United States. It is split into two parts by Beechmont. The neighborhood is roughly bounded by Hazelwood Avenue, Beechmont, Third Street, Kenwood Drive, and Iroquois Park. The largely residential neighborhood was developed into a majority minority african black americans, africans, and latina project home tenement area ,after World War II and into the 1950/60's. Located near the Louisville International Airport. In 1999 and 2000's and 2004 and 2013 Residents have frequently complained of loud noises due to challenged airport buildings and gunshots within the project homes. Residents could not tell if they we're gunshots or airplane jets ,due to gang crimes of the Rolling 60's Crips Branch off and the Rolling 80's Brims/Bloods Branch off ,and even local drug cartel within The Southside called the " Dirty I Mafia " with strange gang #'s " 342/347 " throwing up 4's/ 3's/or " The I " with 2 fingers and proudly supported by Famous & Global Musican Bryson Tiller and locally known talents [ (the late) R.I.P "Do the Shiz" Kenzo of the " Dirty I Mafia " . King Murray of the new age mixture of " Bloods " and " Crips " clique " M.O.B ". Lil 5age of the new age " Bloods " clique " 5.Star " and started a trend of the " E.S.P.N " abbreviation meaning " Every Southside Paid N***a " rappidly grown through out the south's Ranges . John Cotti aka La Johnny of the Dirty I Mafia with his brand of " c.m.p " meaning " Closed Mouf Philosophers ". not much information given. etc...

The Project Tenement Home Complexes was starting to be torn down in Feb. 2012 ,and torn down Dec.2013 . Due to the uncontrolled flow of federal contraband of all sorts ,and brutal violence.

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