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Irori Maeda (前田 彩里 Maeda Irori?, born 7 May 1997 in Hyogo) is a Japanese pop singer and former member of the Japanese idol group AKBN0. She is a former Hello Pro Egg member. She joined Hello! Project in 2006 as a member of Hello! Pro Egg. In 2011, she left Hello Project for AKBN0. She left AKBN0 in 2012. [1][not in citation given]


Maeda was added to Hello! Pro Egg in 2006 by Tsunku and made her first appearance at a Cute concert where she was introduced to the fans.

Maeda left Hello! Pro Egg and Hello! Project in order to audition for AKBN0.[2] She passed the auditions, alongside Riyon Oosumi, and joined as a fifth generation member, and now goes by the stage name Maeda Clover Irori.[3] She left AKBN0 in spring 2012.[citation needed]


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