Irpex lacteus

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Irpex lacteus
Irpex lacteus2.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Polyporales
Family: Steccherinaceae
Genus: Irpex
Species: I. lacteus
Binomial name
Irpex lacteus
(Fr.) Fr. (1828)

Boletus cinerascens Schwein. (1822)
Boletus tulipiferae Schwein. (1822)
Coriolus lacteus (Fr.) Pat. (1900)
Coriolus tulipiferae (Schwein.) Pat. (1900)
Daedalea diabolica Speg. (1889)
Hirschioporus lacteus (Fr.) Teng (1963)
Hydnum lacteum (Fr.) Fr. (1823)
Irpex bresadolae Schulzer (1885)
Irpex diabolicus (Speg.) Bres. (1919)
Irpex hirsutus Kalchbr. (1878)
Irpex lacteus f. sinuosus (Fr.) Nikol. (1953)
Irpex pallescens Fr. (1838)
Irpex sinuosus Fr. (1828)
Irpiciporus lacteus (Fr.) Murrill (1907)
Irpiciporus tulipiferae (Schwein.) Murrill (1905)
Microporus chartaceus (Berk. & M.A.Curtis) Kuntze, (1898)
Microporus cinerascens (Schwein.) Kuntze (1898)
Polyporus chartaceus Berk. & M.A.Curtis (1849)
Polyporus tulipiferae (Schwein.) Overh. [as 'tulipiferus'], (1915)
Polystictus bresadolae (Schulzer) Sacc. (1888)
Polystictus chartaceus (Berk. & M.A.Curtis) Cooke, (1886)
Polystictus cinerascens (Schwein.) Cooke (1886)
Polystictus cinerescens (Schwein.) Cooke
Polystictus tulipiferae (Schwein.) Cooke (1886)
Poria cincinnati Berk. ex Cooke, (1886)
Poria tulipiferae (Schwein.) Cooke, (1888)
Sistotrema lacteum Fr. (1818)
Steccherinum lacteum (Fr.) Krieglst. (1999)
Trametes lactea (Fr.) Pilát (1940)
Xylodon bresadolae (Schulzer) Kuntze (1898)
Xylodon hirsutus (Kalchbr.) Kuntze (1898)
Xylodon lacteus (Fr.) Kuntze (1898)
Xylodon pallescens (Fr.) Kuntze (1898)
Xylodon sinuosus (Fr.) Kuntze (1898)

Irpex lacteus is a common crust fungus distributed throughout temperate areas of the world. It is the type of the genus Irpex. Irpex lacteus is considered a polypore, but depending on growth conditions it can also produce a hydnoid hymenophore. Due to this variability and abundance of the species it has been described as a new species to science numerous times and subsequently has an extensive synonymy.

Irpex lacteus is a white-rot fungus that inhabits mainly angiosperm branches and trunks.[1] It is one of the most common wood-rotting fungi for instance in urban North America.

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