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Irregular Records
Founded 1985
Founder Robb Johnson
Genre Folk
Country of origin UK
Official website

Irregular Records is a British independent record label specialising in folk music, which was established in 1985 by the singer Robb Johnson.[1] In addition to Johnson's own recordings the label has also issued albums by artists such as Barb Jungr, Des de Moor, Maggie Holland and Russell Churney.[2]

Releases to date[edit]

In the label's history there have been over seventy releases to date.[3]

Year Title Artist Format
1985 IRR001 In Amongst The Rain Robb Johnson LP
IRR002 Leaking Secrets The Ministry of Humour cassette
1986 IRR003 And All the Other Ones You Never Even Get to Hear About The Ministry of Humour cassette
1987 IRR004 Songs for the New Jerusalem Robb Johnson cassette
1988 IRR005 Skewed, Slewed, Stewed & Awkward Robb Johnson LP
IRR006 ? ? ?
IRR007 The Herald of Free Enterprise Robb Johnson 7" single
 ? IRR008 ? ? ?
1989 IRR009 Small Town World Robb Johnson LP
1990 IRR010 Wasted Years Robb Johnson 7" single
1991 IRR011 Living in the Rubbish Robb Johnson & Pip Collings 12" single
IRR012 Overnight Robb Johnson & Pip Collings CD
1992 IRR013 Tourists & Casualties The Johnson Collings Band cassette
1993 IRR014 Heart's Desire Robb Johnson & Pip Collings CD/cassette
IRR015 Head, Heart & Hand Steve Hunt cassette
1994 IRR016 1-2-3 The Johnson Collings Band cassette
IRR017 The Lack Of Jolly Ploughboy Robb Johnson & Pip Collings CD
1995 IRR018 Romantic or Ridiculous Tony Warren cassette
IRR019 Royalty and Empire Steve Hunt Saboteurs cassette
IRR020 Saturday Afternoon Red Army Robb Johnson & the Gentlemen of the Terraces CD EP
IRR021 Lavender Blues Robb Johnson CD EP
IRR022 The Soundhole '95 Various artists cassette
IRR023 Interesting Times Robb Johnson CD
1996 IRR024 No Surrender Graham Larkbey & the Robb Johnson Band cassette
IRR025 The Night Café Robb Johnson CD
IRR026 Hell's Kitchen Robb Johnson Roots Band CD
1997 IRR027 Overnight Robb Johnson CD
IRR028 Ugly Town Robb Johnson cassette
1998 IRR029 Invisible People Robb Johnson CD
IRR030 Gentle Men Roy Bailey, Vera Coomans, Robb Johnson, Koen De Cauter and the Golden Serenaders double CD
IRR031 Tiger Tracks Millan CD
IRR032 Yeah Yeah Yeah Robb Johnson Band CD
IRR033 Ne Me Quitte Pas/Brel Songs By… Various artists CD
1999 IRR034 Coppers and Brass Alan Burton and Steve Hunt CD EP
IRR035 Getting There Maggie Holland CD
IRR036 The Big Wheel Robb Johnson CD
IRR037 The Big Wheel - The Second XI and Alternative Versions Robb Johnson cassette
IRR038 Water of Europe Des de Moor CD
IRR039 Bare Barb Jungr CD
2000 IRR040 Skin Deep Boka Halat CD
IRR041 You're All Weird The Astronauts CD
IRR042 Margaret Thatcher: My Part in her Downfall Robb Johnson CD
2001 IRR043 21st Century Blues Robb Johnson with Miranda Sykes & Saskia Tomkins CD
IRR044 Article 14 Various artists (including Chumbawamba, Tom Robinson and Fun-Da-Mental) CD
2002 IRR045 The Triumph of Hope Over Experience Robb Johnson CD
IRR046 9 x 2: An Album of Contemporary English Chanson Various artists CD
IRR047 Maximum Respect Robb Johnson CD
2003 IRR048 Clockwork Music Robb Johnson CD
2004 IRR049 Scarlet Stories Caroline Nin CD
IRR050 Circle of Light Maggie Holland CD
IRR051 Darkness and Disgrace Des de Moor and Russell Churney CD
IRR052 Don't Look Down Miranda Sykes CD
IRR053 On the Boulevard des Hommes Monique CD
IRR054 Tony Blair: My Part in his Downfall Robb Johnson double CD
IRR055 Ordinary Heroes George Papavgeris CD
IRR056 Fast Lane Roogalator Fast Lane Roogalator CD
2005 IRR057 A Beginner's Guide Robb Johnson CD
IRR058 Miranda Sykes Band Miranda Sykes Band CD
IRR059 Metro Robb Johnson CD
2006 IRR060 Mr Jeays Phil Jeays CD
IRR061 And For My Next Trick George Papavgeris CD
IRR062 Elvis Lives Here Swill and The Swaggerband CD
IRR063 Saturday Night at The Fire Station Robb Johnson & The Irregulars CD
IRR064 Paris Lite Monique CD
IRR065 Picture Postcards Tracey Curtis CD
2007 IRR066 All That Way for This Robb Johnson & The Irregulars CD
2008 IRR067 The Commons David Rovics CD
IRR068 Love & Death & Politics Robb Johnson & The Irregulars CD
2009 IRR069 Devil on the Wind The Men They Couldn't Hang CD
IRR070 We Can Make the World Stop Alun Parry CD
IRR071 Margaret Thatcher - My Part in Her Downfall (Deluxe) Robb Johnson & The Irregulars
(each disc and the accompanying slipcase has a separate catalogue number)
4xCD box set
IRR076 The Ghost of Love Robb Johnson & The Irregulars CD
2010 IRR077 Man Walks Into a Pub Robb Johnson CD
2011 IRR078 Causes and Cures Al Baker & the Dole Queue CD
IRR079 More to be Revealed Mike Reinstein CD
IRR080 Some Recent Protest Songs Robb Johnson CD
IRR081 Spitfire Bridge Wob CD
IRR082 Once Upon a Time Robb Johnson & The Irregulars CD
IRRV082V Once Upon a Time Robb Johnson & The Irregulars Vinyl LP
2012 IRR083 Happily Ever After Robb Johnson & The Irregulars CD
IRRV083V Happily Ever After Robb Johnson & The Irregulars Vinyl LP
2013 IRR084 Thoughts in the Dark Tracy Curtis CD
IRR085 Bluesman John B. Spencer CD
IRR086 Bring Down the Moon Robb Johnson & The Irregulars CD
IRR087 West Pier Serenade Robb Johnson CD
IRR088 Gentle Men Robb Johnson and others Double CD (digipack)
IRR089 Gentle Men Robb Johnson and others Double CD with hardback book
2014 IRR090 Sweet Jane / Bay of Angels Robb Johnson Vinyl single
IRR091 Us & Them Robb Johnson CD
IRR092 Outsider John Forrester CD
IRR093 Make Believe / When My Grandfather Played Football Robb Johnson Vinyl single
2015 IRR094 Here Goes Nothing Robb Johnson & The Irregulars CD
IRR094V Here Goes Nothing Robb Johnson & The Irregulars Vinyl LP
IRR095 Cheap and Cheerful / The Top of This Wheel Robb Johnson & The Irregulars Vinyl single
IRR096 A Long March Home Mike Reinstein CD


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