Brookport Bridge

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Brookport Bridge
PA250011 Irvin S. Cobb Bridge.JPG
Coordinates 37°06′53″N 88°37′45″W / 37.11465°N 88.62915°W / 37.11465; -88.62915Coordinates: 37°06′53″N 88°37′45″W / 37.11465°N 88.62915°W / 37.11465; -88.62915
Carries 2 lanes of US 45
Crosses Ohio River
Locale Paducah, KY and Brookport, IL
Official name Irvin S. Cobb Bridge
Design Truss bridge
Total length 5,385.8 ft (1,641.6 m)
Width 19.7 ft (6.0 m)
Longest span 711.0 ft (216.7 m)
Clearance above 14.1 ft (4.3 m)
Construction end 1929

The Brookport Bridge (officially the Irvin S. Cobb Bridge) is a ten-span, steel deck (grate), narrow two-lane truss bridge that carries U.S. Route 45 (US 45) across the Ohio River in the U.S. states of Illinois and Kentucky. It connects Paducah, Kentucky north to Brookport, Illinois.[1]

The bridge is named after Irvin S. Cobb, an author and journalist who was born in Paducah.[citation needed]

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