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Origin Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres Indie rock
Labels Eenie Meenie Records
Associated acts Let's Go Sailing, Sea Wolf, Afternoons, Shadow Shadow Shade
Members Alex Church
Steven Scott
Brian Canning
Brent Turner
Aaron Burrows

Irving is an American indie rock band. It was founded by Alex Church, later of Sea Wolf, Brian Canning and Steven Scott in 1998, after playing together for the first time at an arts festival.[1] Soon after, they added keyboardist Shana Levy and Brent Turner; Levy remained with the group until 2003, when Aaron Burrows joined. Rather than having a frontman, the vocal and songwriting aspects are shared by at least three people. They acquired modest popularity[citation needed] after airplay on MTV2 for the song "Situation" in spring 2006. Members Aaron Burrows, Brian Canning, Steven Scott and Brent Turner formed the band Afternoons along with,[2] Grammy Award winning producer Tom Biller, and multi-instrumentalist Sam Johnson.


  • Steven Scott
  • Alex Church
  • Brian Canning
  • Brent Turner, drums
  • Aaron Burrows, keyboards
  • Shana Levy, keyboards



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