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Iryna Akimova in 2013

Iryna Mykhailivna Akimova (Ukrainian: Ірина Михайлівна Акімова; born on April 26, 1960 in Kharkiv, Soviet Union) is a Ukrainian politician and former First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine[1][2] She held this post from February 2010 till February 2014.[1]


Akimova was born in Kharkiv, on 26 April 1960.[1] In 1982 she graduated from the Economics Faculty of the Kharkiv State University. She was the holder of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Volkswagen Stiftung, DAAD and ACCEL fellowships.[1]

Work and scientific activities[edit]

In the middle of the 1980s, Akimova passed her Ph.D. defense.

Positions and places of work[edit]

Political career[edit]

Since October 2007 Akimova has been the member of the Party of Regions.[5] In November 2007 she was elected the Member of Parliament – No. 63 in the list.[3][6] Akimova then worked as Deputy Head of the Committee in Verkhovna Rada on economic policy issues and took the position of Economy Minister in the opposition government of Viktor Yanukovych.[1] Akimova is a frequent guest at political talk shows and is the public figure in the Party of Regions.

On February 25, 2010 Akimova was appointed the First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration[7] On March 16, 2010 she was appointed the Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine[7]

After Andriy Klyuyev had left the post mid-February 2012 Akimova was tipped as the new First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.[2] But Valeriy Khoroshkovskyi was appointed instead.[8]

In October 2012 Akimova was re-elected into the Ukrainian parliament on the party list of Party of Regions; but she turned down this mandate.[9][10]

Late January 2014 by decrees of President Yanukovych Akimova was dismissed from the post of first deputy head of the Presidential Administrationand appointed advisor to the President.[11] In February 2014 Yanukovych was ousted from power.[12] In an April 2014 interview she stated that she no longer is a member of the Party of Regions.[11]


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