Is Harry on the Boat

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Is Harry On The Boat is a 1997 novel by Colin Butts based on his diaries of his extended time in Ibiza with his friends as part of its club scene.[1] It was originally published by Butts himself by his own publishing company, Tuesday Morning Publishing. Later, Orion reprinted it and the book became a national bestseller.

The book is set in Ibiza, around staff of 18-30 holiday company,[2] Young Free and Single (YF&S).

In 2001, Sky Pictures made a television movie of the book, followed by a series which ran for two years from 2003 which is still shown regularly on Sky 1 late at night & still proves to be a major hit particularly amongst young males aged between 15-30.

In 2003 a sequel, Is Harry Still On The Boat was published, also by Orion.


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