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عِيسىٰ خيل
عِيسىٰ خيل‬ is located in Punjab, Pakistan
عِيسىٰ خيل‬
عِيسىٰ خيل
عِيسىٰ خيل‬ is located in Pakistan
عِيسىٰ خيل‬
عِيسىٰ خيل
Coordinates: 32°40′29″N 71°16′52″E / 32.67472°N 71.28111°E / 32.67472; 71.28111
DistrictMianwali District
TehsilIsakhel Tehsil
Union councils1
198 m (650 ft)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Isakhel (Urdu: , in Punjabi عِيسىٰ خيل‎) is a town of Mianwali District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The town is the headquarters of Isakhel Tehsil, an administrative subdivision of the district.[1][2]

Isakhel is an important town located in the west of Mianwali District. It is named after (Tarna to Isa Khan), a Niazi chief. Until November 1901 Isa Khel was the tehsil headquarters of Bannu District - however after the North-West Frontier Province was created from Punjab province, Bannu District was included in the NWFP without the Isakhel Tehsil. Isakhel became part of the newly formed Mianwali District of the Punjab. Isa Khel was under the rule of the Khan's from the same family called the sons of Khanzaman Khan Niazi who used to own substantial Agriculture land until the administrative powers were delegated to the town representatives which are now the district government of Mianwali.[3]


The town was founded about 1830 by Ahmad Khan, ancestor of the present Khans of Isakhel, who were the acknowledged heads of the trans-Indus Niazai;[3] and it takes its name from Isa Khan Niazi, a religious teacher and noble governor in Sher Shah Suri's court. The municipality was created in 1875. The present Khans of Isakhel still reside there. The town's administrative power belongs to the district government.

In 1901, during British rule, when the tehsil became part of Mianwali, the population of the town was 7,630.[4] The income and expenditure during the ten years ending 1902-3 averaged Rs. 4,400. In 1903-4 the income was Rs. 5,100, chiefly derived from octroi; and the expenditure was Rs. 4,600. During that time a small cattle market was held weekly. The town contained a dispensary and a municipal vernacular middle school.[5]


The predominantly Muslim population has supported the Muslim League and the Pakistan Movement.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 32°40′29″N 71°16′52″E / 32.67472°N 71.28111°E / 32.67472; 71.28111

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