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Isaac Craig (1742, Ireland – 1826, Pennsylvania) was a Pittsburgh businessman and politician in the early days of western Pennsylvania settlement.


Craig was born in County Down in Ireland of Protestant parents, and was fortunate enough to be apprenticed as a carpenter. After completing his apprenticeship, he became a journeyman carpenter and from his earnings was able to pay for his passage to Philadelphia. He prospered as a carpenter in Philadelphia, and at a young age became a master carpenter and a member of the Carpenters Company.

He purchased land in western Pennsylvania while still in Philadelphia, and eventually went to live in Pittsburgh. In 1785, Craig married Amelia Neville in Pittsburgh, daughter of Virginian General John Neville. She survived him by more than two decades. The couple were the parents of newspaper editor Neville B. Craig.[1]

Chief Burgess[edit]

Craig was elected and served as Chief Burgess of Borough of Pittsburgh as a Federalist [2] from 1802 to 1803. He died in 1826 in Montour, Pennsylvania.

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