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Isaac Johnson (died 1630) was an English colonist in the New World, one of the founders of Massachusetts.


He was the grandson of Archdeacon Robert Johnson, the founder of Oakham and Uppingham Schools, and a native of Clipsham, Rutland. In 1623 the Archdeacon settled the manor of Clipsham on his grandson on his marriage with Lady Arabella Fiennes.

He was the largest shareholder of the Massachusetts Bay Company and was one of the twelve men to sign the Cambridge Agreement on 29 August 1629. In 1630 he sailed in the Winthrop Fleet to America, arriving at Salem on 12 June, and was one of the four who founded the first church at Charlestown on 30 July. The want of good water at Charlestown obliged them, on 7 September, to move to Shawmut, now Boston, which was settled under Johnson's supervision. He died at Boston on 30 September 1630, the richest man in the colony. He is believed[weasel words] to be buried in King's Chapel Burying Ground which is on part of his estate.

His wife was Arbella, a daughter of Thomas Clinton, 3rd Earl of Lincoln; the "admiral" ship of Winthrop's fleet was renamed the Arbella in her honour. She died at Salem in August 1630, leaving no children.