Isaac Kobina Abban

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Isaac Kobina Donkor Abban
9th Chief Justice of Ghana
(21st including Gold Coast)
In office
22 February 1995 – 21 April 2001
Appointed by Jerry Rawlings
Preceded by Philip Edward Archer
Succeeded by Edward Kwame Wiredu
Personal details
Born 1933
Died 21 April 2001
Accra, Ghana

Isaac Kobina Donkor Abban (born 1933) was the Chief Justice of Ghana between 1995 and 2001. He was the ninth person to hold this position since Ghana became an independent nation.[1]

Electoral Commissioner[edit]

Justice Abban was called to the bar on 18 April 1959. While a High Court Judge, he was appointed the electoral commissioner and supervised the controversial 'Union Government (UNIGOV)' referendum on 30 March 1978 during the Supreme Military Council (SMC) era. At a point during the referendum, he went into hiding in fear of his life from the military authorities.[2] This was because he opposed the attempts to rig the UNIGOV referendum by the military SMC government.[3]His successor JUSTICE Kinsgley Nyinah supervised the 1979 election that saw Dr Limann win to become president

Chief Justice[edit]

He left for Seychelles where he served as the Chief Justice from 1990 to 1993.[3] On his return to Ghana, he rejoined the Judicial Service of Ghana and was appointed to the Supreme Court of Ghana. On 22 February 1995, he was appointed Chief Justice by the President, Jerry Rawlings.[3]


Justice Abban was due to retire on 1 May 2001, for health reasons.[4] He died a few days before that on 21 April 2001 in Accra, Ghana at the age of 67.[3][5]


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