Isaac Mao

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Isaac Mao
Isaac Mao Chinese Blogger.jpg
Alma materShanghai Jiao Tong University
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Known forSoftware, Sharism

Isaac Mao (simplified Chinese: 毛向辉; traditional Chinese: 毛向輝; pinyin: Máo Xiànghuī) is a Chinese software architect, and social media researcher. He is doing research in social learning and for developing the philosophy of Sharism.

Life and work[edit]

Mao is a blogger, software architect, researcher in learning and social technology. Mao has written about on-line journalism. Mao's essay "Sharism: A Mind Revolution" appeared in the Freesouls book project.[1]

Blogging and blog advocacy[edit]

Mao has visited some conferences (such as Wikimania about Internet culture, in China and more broadly and other global events on Internet culture. In 2009, he was a speaker at the 40th anniversary of The Internet Conference held at UCLA[2][3] As a trained software engineer, he has a long history of developing both business and consumer software. He worked as a Chief Architect in the Intel HomeCD project and Tangram BackSchool suite.[4][5]

As of 2008, Mao published an open letter to Google, challenging the search engine giant to support anti-censorship efforts and change its strategy on China.[6]


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