Isaac Preston Cory

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Isaac Preston Cory
Born 1802
Died 1842
Occupation Antiquarian
Known for The compendium: Cory's Ancient Fragments

Isaac Preston Cory (1802–1842) was an antiquarian who compiled ancient fragments and published them in a compendium called Cory's Ancient Fragments (1826, revised 1832).


Cory was a Fellow of Caius College, having obtained a Masters degree in law in 1827. He soon after became a professional barrister, but also was an antiquarian and book collector.[1] He was a personal friend of Thomas Taylor and through him obtained ancient fragments from classical neoplatonists which he added to his compendium of ancient fragments.


Cory's Ancient Fragments (1826; revised 1832)
Metaphysical inquiry into method, objects, and result of ancient and modern philosophy (1833)
Chronological inquiry into the ancient history of Egypt (1837)
Mythological ínquiry into the recondite theology of the heathens (1837)
A practical treatise on accounts, exhibiting a view of the discrepancies between the practice of the law and of merchants (1939)


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