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Isabel Parra
Isabel Parra.jpg
Roberto Trenca and Isabel Parra
Background information
Birth nameVioleta Isabel Cereceda Parra
Born (1939-09-29) September 29, 1939 (age 80)
OriginSantiago, Chile Chile
GenresFolk, Singer-Songwriter, Andean music, Latin music, Chilean music, Nueva canción
InstrumentsSpanish Guitar, Charango, Cuatro, vocals
Years active1959-present
LabelsWarner Music
Associated actsVíctor Jara, Quilapayún,
Inti-illimani, Patricio Castillo, Patricio Manns, Illapu, Ángel Parra, Roberto Parra, Sergio Ortega, Margot Loyola, Pablo Neruda, Nicanor Parra
WebsiteOfficial Website (in Spanish)

Violeta Isabel Cereceda Parra (born 29 September 1939), better known as Isabel Parra, is a famous Chilean singer-songwriter and interpreter of Latin American musical folklore.

Early years[edit]

Parra was born in Chile in 1939 and began her career in music at the age of 13 when she made her first recording with her world-renowned mother, the folklorist Violeta Parra. She has since interpreted and recorded the songs of some of the most famous Latin American folk singers.


After the September 11, 1973 Chilean coup d’etat she lived in exile in Argentina and France for many years. She returned to Chile when democracy returned to her country.[1]

Parra has toured extensively during her career and was a distinctive figure in the Nueva Canción Chilena (New Chilean Song) movement. Isabel Parra is also the sister of the famous folk singer Ángel Parra and the niece of the famous poet Nicanor Parra.


  • Isabel Parra (1966)
  • Isabel Parra, vol II (1968)
  • Cantando por amor [Singing for love] (1969)
  • Violeta Parra (1970)
  • De aquí y de allá [From here from there] (with Patricio Castillo) (1971)
  • Canto para una semilla [Song for a Seed] (Inti-Illimani + Isabel Parra + Carmen Bunster) (1972)
  • Isabel Parra y parte del Grupo de Experimentación Sonora del ICAIC (Isabel Parra + GESI + Patricio Castillo) (1972)
  • Vientos del pueblo [Winds of the People] (con Patricio Castillo) (1974)
  • Isabel Parra de Chile [Isabel Parra of Chile] (1976)
  • Recital Club Vanguardia [Live at Club Vanguardia] (with Patricio Castillo) (1976)
  • Cantos de Violeta (Songs of Violeta Parra) (1977)
  • Canto para una semilla (con Inti-Illimani + Marés González; Texto: Violeta Parra; Música: Luis Advis) (1978)
  • Canto per un seme (with Inti-Illimani + Edmonda Aldini) Italian Edition (1978)
  • Isabel Parra en Cuba (with Patricio Castillo (1978)
  • Acerca de quien soy y no soy (Regarding who I am and whom I am not) (1979)
  • Tu voluntad más fuerte que el destierro (Your will is stronger than exile) (1983)
  • Chant pour une semence (con Inti-Illimani + Francesca Solleville) French Edition (1985)
  • Enlaces (Links) (1987)
  • Lámpara melodiosa (Como dos ríos) (Melodic lamp [Like two rivers]) (1994)
  • Colores (Colours) (2000)
  • Poemas (Poemas) (2002)
  • Ni toda la tierra entera (Nor all the Earth complete) (CD del libro) (2003)

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