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Isabella Fyvie Mayo (December 10, 1843 - May 13, 1914) was a Scottish poet, and novelist who also wrote under the pen name Edward Garrett.

Born as the youngest child of Scottish parentage in London in 1843, Isabella was privately educated at a girls' school near Covent Garden. With the help of friends she published poems and stories, using the pseudonym Edward Garrett. In 1870 Isabella married John Ryall Mayo, a solicitor, who died in 1877, leaving her with one son. She spent most of her life living in Aberdeen. In Aberdeen, she was the first woman elected to a public board. Her "home was an asylum for Asian Indians."[1] She died on May 3, 1914, of cancer.


  • Occupations of a Retired Life (1868)
  • The Crust of the Cake (1869)
  • Seen and Heard (1871)
  • Premiums paid to Experience (1872)
  • Crooked Places (1873)
  • By Still Waters (1874)
  • Doing and Dreaming (1876)
  • Not by Bread Alone (1890)
  • Her Day of Service (1892)
  • A Black Diamond (1893)
  • Rab Bethuene's Double (1894)
  • A Daughter of the Klephts (1897)
  • A Nine Days Wonder (1898)
  • Other People's Stairs (1898)
  • Crystal Joyce (1899)
  • Recollections of Fifty Years, autobiography (1910)


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