Isabella of Urgell

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Isabella of Urgel (died 1071) was the only daughter of Ermengol III of Urgell by his first wife Adelaide, whose origins are unknown.

Isabella married in 1065 to King Sancho Ramírez; by this marriage, Isabella was queen consort of Aragon. The couple divorced[1] in 1070, and both remarried. The couple had one son:

She married to William I of Cerdanya in 1071, as his second wife. Sancho Ramírez married Felicie de Roucy in 1076, this marriage bore another three sons, two of whom would become Peter's immediate (Alfonso) and eventual (Ramiro) successors.


Isabella of Urgell
Cadet branch of the Bellonids
Born: circa 1052 Died: circa 1071
Royal titles
Preceded by
Queen consort of Aragon
Succeeded by
Felicia of Roucy