Isabella of Urgell

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Isabella of Urgel (Aragonese: Isabel d'Urchel; died 1071) was Queen of Aragon; the only daughter of Ermengol III, Count of Urgell by his first wife Adelaide of Besalú.[1][2]

Isabella is mentioned in her brother Ermengol IV's testament.[3][4]

Isabella married in 1065 King Sancho Ramírez; by this marriage, Isabella was Queen of Aragon.[5] The couple had one son, Peter I, Sancho's successor who left no surviving children. The couple divorced[6] in 1070, and both remarried. Isabella may have become the second wife of William I, Count of Cerdanya in 1071.


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Isabella of Urgell
Cadet branch of the Bellonids
Born: circa 1052 Died: circa 1071
Royal titles
Preceded by
Queen consort of Aragon
Succeeded by
Felicia of Roucy