Isaiah 36

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Isaiah 36
Great Isaiah Scroll.jpg
The Great Isaiah Scroll, the best preserved of the biblical scrolls found at Qumran from the second century BC, contains all the verses in this chapter.
BookBook of Isaiah
Hebrew Bible partNevi'im
Order in the Hebrew part5
CategoryLatter Prophets
Christian Bible partOld Testament
Order in the Christian part23

Isaiah 36 is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Book of Isaiah in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. This book contains the prophecies attributed to the prophet Isaiah, and is a part of the Book of the Prophets. The text, describing the invasion of the Assyrian king Sennacherib to the Kingdom of Judah under Hezekiah, largely replicates 2 Kings 18:17-37 and 2 Chronicles 32:9-19.


Lachish reliefs, depicting Sennacherib's siege against Lachish. British Museum.

The original text is written in Hebrew language. This chapter is divided into 22 verses.

Textual versions[edit]

Some early witnesses for the text of this chapter in Hebrew language:

There is also a translation into Koine Greek known as the Septuagint, made in the last few centuries BC. Extant ancient manuscripts of the Septuagint version include Codex Vaticanus (B; B; 4th century), Codex Sinaiticus (S; BHK: S; 4th century), Codex Alexandrinus (A; A; 5th century) and Codex Marchalianus (Q; Q; 6th century).[1]


The parashah sections listed here are based on the Aleppo Codex.[2] Isaiah 36 is a part of the Narrative (Isaiah 36–39). {P}: open parashah; {S}: closed parashah.

{S} 36:1-10 {S} 36:11-16a {P} 36:16b-22 כי כה אמר {S}

The Rock of History[edit]

Chapters 36–37 cuts into the historical narrative in 2 Kings 18:13–19:38 to the time after Hezekiah sent tributes to appease Sennacherib (2 Kings 18:13–16)  – a 'treachery' that Isaiah already prophesied several times (Isaiah 21:2; 24:16; 33:1)  – yet failed to stop the Assyrians from attacking Jerusalem.[3] This sets up for a demonstration of Yahweh's power, and thus, "put the rock of history under the fabric of eschatology."[3]

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