Isaiah Rose

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Isaiah Rose
Born June 26, 1843
Belmont County, Ohio
Died November 26, 1916
Coal Run, Ohio
Nationality American
Occupation Politician
Spouse(s) Melissa Ellen Crawford
Children Leslie Crawford Rose
Alice Mabel Rose Burrows
Prentice Charles Rose
Foster C. Rose
Melissa Ellen Rose Crooks
Louise R Rose Mitchell
Parent(s) James H. Rose
Mary Shaeffer Rose

Isaiah R. Rose (June 26, 1843 - November 26, 1916) was a Republican state senator for Ohio, a Washington County sheriff and a Civil War veteran.

Early life[edit]

Isaiah Rose was born on June 26, 1843 in Belmont County, Ohio.[1] His father was James H. Rose (1810-1880) and his mother, Mary Shaeffer Rose (1812-1872).[1]

Civil War[edit]

He enrolled twice as a soldier for the Union Army, for three months the first time and for three years the second time.[1] He was captured and transported to Andersonville National Historic Site as a prisoner.[1] He later escaped and returned to his former army, however he was mistaken for a scout or a Confederate soldier and was shot in the right leg. This injury left him permanently disabled.

Public office[edit]

He returned to Ohio and was elected sheriff for Washington County as a member of the Republican Party, and subsequently as a state senator. During his career in the Ohio Senate. he was a champion of the temperance movement in Ohio, introducing ultimately successful legislation allowing individual counties to enact local legislation banning the sale of liquor.

Personal life[edit]

He was married to Melissa Ellen Crawford and had seven children. He died on November 26, 1916 in Coal Run, Ohio.[1] He is buried in Round Bottom Cemetery in Ohio. [2] He was featured on Who Do You Think You Are? as he was the great-great-great-grandfather of singer Kelly Clarkson.[3]