Isata Mahoi

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Isata Mahoi shown editing radio programmes in Talking Drum studio Freetown.

Isata Mahoi (born in Ribbi Chiefdom, Moyamba District) from a ruling (Royal) family, is a Sierra Leone and radio talk show host and actress in the soap opera program Atunda Ayenda. Mahoi who is commonly known in Sierra Leone by her stage name Mammy Saio and she is one of the biggest and most famous Sierra Leonean entertainers. In recent years[when?] has been involved on gender issues and specifically focusing on the human rights of women and children. She is also an economist who believes in making a change in her country.

Atunda Ayenda is the most popular and most widely listened to radio program in Sierra Leone. Atunda Ayenda was created through non-government organisation search to help people understand the political and social conditions that have unfolded in Sierra Leone. The show is broadcast on all major radio stations throughout Sierra Leone.

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