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Iscayachi is a sparsely populated town on the Bolivian Altiplano, located at the Villazon Junction north of Tarija, at an elevation of 3,426 meters. The population is reported to be 1,153. The name Iscayachi is probably derived from the Quechua word Iskaychay, meaning: to divide in two. The reason for this name is not immediately obvious, but could refer to several things, the most likely being the road, which splits in two at the junction.

Iscayachi has a simple guest house, and birdwatchers find it be a productive location to view the avifauna of the Altiplano. It is served by bus on the main long-distance bus routes between Tarija and Oruro.

view east from Iscayachi

Coordinates: 21°28′47″S 64°58′11″W / 21.4797°S 64.9698°W / -21.4797; -64.9698