Ischnura genei

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Ischnura genei
Ischnura genei 1(loz).jpg
Scientific classification
I. genei
Binomial name
Ischnura genei
(Rambur, 1842)

Ischnura genei, the island bluetail damselfly, is a species of damselfly that replaces the blue-tailed damselfly on some Mediterranean islands (e.g., Corsica and Sardinia, where the two species are not known to coexist) - it is found on four islands. It is a small and slender damselfly that tends to be smaller and daintier than the common bluetail. Its main distinguishing features include a black abdomen, which in males carries a striking blue tail-light on S8. Some female colour forms, too, have a blue tail-light on S8, but it tends to be interrupted by a black mark on either end. In some other female colour forms S8 is rusty brown. The male's pterostigma is bi-coloured (as it is in Ischnura elegans). In Malta, this species is still frequent and breeds, but it is endangered by habitat loss.


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