Isdell River

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Isdell River
Country Australia
Physical characteristics
Main source Packhorse Range
515 metres (1,690 ft)[1]
River mouth Walcott Inlet
sea level
Length 206 kilometres (128 mi)[2]
Basin features
Basin size 5,540 square kilometres (2,139 sq mi)[3]

Isdell River is a river in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, named in 1898 by explorer Frank Hann after James Isdell, who was prominent in the region and later served as a member of parliament.

The river rises in the Packhorse Range and flows in a south- westerly direction until it reaches Isdell Gorge at the foot of the King Leopold Range where it changes to a north-westerly direction before discharging into the eastern end of Walcott Inlet.

The river has eleven tributaries including; Sprigg River, Woolybutt Creek, Cadjuput Creek, Woomera Creek and Tulmulnga Creek.

The traditional owners are the Wangina Wunggurr Willingin people who maintain a strong connection to the river despite disruptions by pastoral activities.


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Coordinates: 16°33′20″S 124°55′23″E / 16.55556°S 124.92306°E / -16.55556; 124.92306