Ise Ekiti

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Ise ekiti is divided into three quarters namely; Oraye ,Odo Ise and Erinwa respectively

Ise Ekiti
AKINLUADUSE AGBE A O Current Oba's name =Oba Ayodele Ajayi Aweloye II.
Ise Ekiti is located in Nigeria
Ise Ekiti
Ise Ekiti
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 7°27′36″N 5°25′12″E / 7.46000°N 5.42000°E / 7.46000; 5.42000
CountryFlag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria
StateEkiti State

Ise Ekiti (Yoruba: Ìṣẹ̀-Èkìtì, also Ise) is a city in Ekiti State, Nigeria, It is the traditional home of Akinluaduse, also known as Akinluse by the inhabitants of the city. Akinluse was a great warrior in the ancient Oyo empire. Ise - Ekiti is the headquarters of [1] the Ise/Orun Local Government Area, along with Orun.[2] Its geographic coordinates are 7°27′36″N 5°25′12″E / 7.46000°N 5.42000°E / 7.46000; 5.42000Coordinates: 7°27′36″N 5°25′12″E / 7.46000°N 5.42000°E / 7.46000; 5.42000.[3] As of 2006, the Arinjale, or king, of Ise-Ekiti is Oba Ayodele Ajayi.[2] As of 2007 Ise Ekiti had an estimated population of 204,022. Making it the 44th largest city in Nigeria. [4]


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