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Iseki & Co., Ltd. (井関農機株式会社 Iseki Nōki Kabushiki-Gaisha?) (TYO: 6310), based in Tokyo, Japan, manufactures a variety of machinery, components, and engines.

It was founded in 1926 as Iseki Farm Implement Trading Co. (井関農具商会 Iseki Nōgu Shōkai?) in Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan. It was incorporated in 1936 as Iseki & Co.

Iseki began building tractors in 1961. Its tractors have been sold worldwide under various brands: AGCO, Bolens, Challenger, Massey Ferguson and White. Early Tong Yang or TYM tractors were based on Iseki's designs. Some models sold in Japan have been built by Landini of Italy and by Massey Ferguson in France. Iseki have changed the way grass clippings are collected on their garden tractors. Unlike most machines where the grass is forced up over the transmission and other elements, the Iseki tractor has a system where the transmission is passed to the wheels by a series of chains, much like a rice paddy tractor.

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