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Iselin Michelsen (born 15 September 1990), also known as "Paradise"-Iselin, is a Norwegian glamour model and singer. She was a contestant of the Norwegian version of the Paradise Hotel reality show.[1] Her 2012 debut single "Chewing Gum"(Written by: Lars Skaland, Helfner Hotvedt, Bjørn Alex Olsen,Trond Hillestad and Hugo Solis), was characterized by critics as the "worst music video ever", and she has been described as "Norway's Rebecca Black".[2][3][4][5][6] Michelsen defended the song in an interview with the TV guide magazine Se og Hør, saying "Jeg bryr meg ikke om folk ler av dette. [I do not care if people laugh at this]"; and that she considers the song to be a serious effort.[7]


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