Iselsberg Pass

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Iselsberg Pass
Elevation1,209 m (3,967 ft)
Coordinates46°51′N 12°51′E / 46.850°N 12.850°E / 46.850; 12.850Coordinates: 46°51′N 12°51′E / 46.850°N 12.850°E / 46.850; 12.850
Iselsberg Pass is located in Alps
Iselsberg Pass
Iselsberg Pass
Location of Iselsberg Pass

The Iselsberg Pass, at 1,209 m (3,967 ft), is a high mountain pass in the Austrian Alps between the states of Tyrol and Carinthia. It separates the mountains of the Kreuzeck group in the south from the Schober group in the north, both parts of the Hohe Tauern range.

The pass road connects Lienz in East Tyrol with Winklern in the Carinthian Möll valley. A bridle path across the Iselsberg was already built in Roman times, to reach the mines in the Möll valley from Aguntum. The village of Iselsberg is located about 1 km southwest of the summit.

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