Isfrid of Ratzeburg

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Saint Isfrid of Ratzeburg
St. Isfrid on right, with Sts.Ludolph and Evermode
Prince-Bishop of Ratzeburg
Died 15 June 1204
Ratzeburg, Schleswig-Holstein
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast 15 June

Isfrid of Ratzeburg was a Premonstratensian Prince-Bishop of Ratzeburg.

Religious Life[edit]

In 1159, Isfrid was appointed the Provost of Jerichow before becoming the successor of Saint Evermode as third bishop of Ratzeburg, in 1179.[1]


  1. ^ Saints and Beati of the Order St. Philip's Priory Order of Canons Regular of Prémontré
Catholic Church titles
Title last held by
Evermode of Ratzeburg
Bishop of Ratzeburg
Bishop gained princely rank
as ruler in part of the diocese
Regnal titles
Catholic Church titles
episcopate combined in personal union
with secular reign in part of the diocese
Prince-Bishop of Ratzeburg
Succeeded by
Philip of Ratzeburg