Ishëm Castle

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Ishëm Castle
Kalaja e Ishmit
Ishëm, Durrës, Albania
Kalaja e Ishmit.jpg
Coordinates 41°32′22″N 19°35′43″E / 41.539406°N 19.595328°E / 41.539406; 19.595328
Site information
Owner  Albania
Controlled by  Ottoman Empire
Site history
Built 16th century
Built by Ottoman Empire
Ishëm Castle
Native name
Albanian: Kalaja e Ishmit
Location In the center of Ishëm
Built 16th century
Architect Ottoman Empire

Ishëm Castle (Albanian:Kalaja e Ishmit) is a castle in Ishëm, Durrës County, Albania. It is near the river Ishëm. It was built from 1572 to 1574 by Ottomans to stop the peasant rebellions.[1] The Albanian painter Ibrahim Kodra was buried in front of it.


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Coordinates: 41°32′21.86″N 19°35′43.18″E / 41.5394056°N 19.5953278°E / 41.5394056; 19.5953278